About VR Green

Contributing to the well-being of planet can be as simple as choosing packaging that is earth-friendly. Choose VRGreen, improve your efficiency, emerge as an environmentally responsible corporate.

VR Green earth-friendly

Be earth-friendly, use eco-friendly packaging! Use VRGreen’s sustainable, safe and pro-environment packaging solutions. VRGreen is a modern and young ‘Start-Up’ registered as MSME and duly recognized by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. As a responsible and committed organization, VRGreen ensures that all its processes, procedures from procurement of raw materials to delivery to the customers adhere to the strictest of international standards. VRGreen offers customers the best eco-friendly packaging products compliant with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22001:2018 and ISO 14000: 2015 certifications.

Recent COVID19 Pandemic breakout has made it amply evident that the smallest of our daily choices impact the planet. Even the type of bag we use to store and dispose – off our trash, can change our planet. We need to correct our ways of living.

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Our Eco-friendly packaging is a significant solution that can help in reduction of carbon emissions and reduction of waste. Your informed choice of using earth-friendly packaging can protect the planet.

Over the last few years, the Governments across the globe have tightened the noose around the use of single-use plastic – be it polyethylene bags or disposable plastic containers. We provide alternative choices of sustainable, earth-friendly, safe and hygienic compostable packaging solutions for fruit and grocery bags, trash bags, product wraps, bags on roll, take-away food containers with or without lid, beverage paper cups and cutlery and areca palm plates, bowls and cutlery. Sometimes, supporting the well-being of the planet can be as easy as choosing packaging that is earth-friendly.

Why Green Packaging

Made from earth-friendly natural materials, the Green Packaging -

  • Relies on natural plant based ingredients for production
  • Is hygienic, safe for people and also safe for the environment
  • Can be used by all industries like aviation, hotels, restaurants, take away food joints, ecommerce companies, retail stores, hospitals and cleaning and house-keeping services.
  • Drastically reduces the release of harmful substances into the environment
  • Throws a positive light on your company image for being a responsible corporate

Highpoints of VRGreen Products

Our products are -

  • Safe & Sustainable for users and environment
  • High-performing – as strong as conventional plastic
  • Printable & Custom printing (with food grade ink) options are available
  • Compliant with EU food contact regulations and standards
  • Compliant with US food contact substance notification
  • Compostable in industrial setting