Quality Assurance

The top management of VRGreen accords highest priority to conformance to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22001:2018 and ISO 14000: 2015 quality standards. Its strategic quality management policies, directives and objectives are tightly in place. Top management is involved in business strategy plans and meetings and environmental goals and communications. There is a defined procedure and system for each and all aspects of QMS at VRGreen. Organization’s internal environment is geared to motivate personnel to achieve the organization’s quality management goals and objectives. Adequate resources have been allocated to develop, implement, maintain and improve the QMS of the organization. All customer requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements are continuously met.

VRGreen has been promoted by professionally qualified and experienced engineers. The top team has an extensive knowledge of international quality management standards and years of experience of working with international organizations. VRGreen sources its premium materials from the best suppliers in the world, employs fool-proof manufacturing processes, and amalgamates innovative and thoughtful designs and technical elements in its products.

The Management and staff of VRGreen understand customer requirements in terms of products, price, delivery communication, service and support and are driven to exceed the customer expectations. The principal message that top management of VRGreen conveys is that the objective of the business is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time by:

  • Identifying customer requirements;
  • Meeting customer requirements;
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction.

All ways of communication including documented policies, meetings, memos, directives and emails emphasize the importance of conforming to the ISO 9001 requirements and ensuring that continual improvement is driven within the organization. Periodic review is undertaken regularly to assess the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the QMS and to determine that the QMS is achieving its intended results.

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